About Me


As a very young girl, shy and unsure of the world, I remember gazing up at the women in my life with wonder. I felt safe and assured, without conscious reasons. These women, full of warmth and confidence, held the entire world around them together. My mom and step-mom, my aunt, their groups of friends, as well as particular teachers, and women in my community, breezing through my life in a grocery store or on the sidewalk, smiling down at me, and inspiring everything from my personal style to my hopes and dreams. They made me feel whole and unstoppable. That sense of sisterhood gave me the confidence to spread my wings after I graduated from high school, board a jet plane, and travel across the country, fully embracing the adventure of womanhood. I experienced the great fortune of meeting many phenomenal women from around the country. All the many bits and pieces that make up who I am today have been inspired by these women. 

Character Building

Life hasn’t only been birdsong and rainbows though. I’ve experienced loss, disappointment, and (very achy) heartache, but I have been determined to glean the most from every situation, to focus on factors for which I’m grateful, and building stronger connections with the women around me and across the globe. Through life’s challenges, I continue to become more interested, understanding, and compassionate to others and I truly believe that “The truth will set us free,” particularly when we share our authentic humanity—the shiny as well as the unsavory—as a method to bring us together and empower one another. We are all beautiful creatures when we share our best selves with one another . . . a Sisterhood Shared is a Sisterhood Empowered. 

Power of Sisterhood

I invite you to join me in celebrating the incredible journey of womanhood. Let’s awaken people and change minds to the true power of who we are and what is important to us. By sharing our stories, we will uplift, we will inspire, and we will strengthen our bonds by our Sisterhood Shared.